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    Relaxing and anti-stress massages.

  • Beauty care

    Manicure - Pedicure - Waxing -

  • Oriental Massage

    Chinese - Japanese - Thai -

Your wellness space where you can find the harmony of your body and mind.

magic essence

We are specialized in having the best technique in giving massages.


We take care of you

Our Chinese massage therapists are trained in the ancient art of oriental massage complying with the standards that magic essence has determined as essential so that our customers feel good cared.

We continue training ourserves....

We are constantly trying to improve our services learning all new techniques that appear to convey the best services to our customers.

We know you will want to come back!

We make possible that your stay in our center is totally satisfactory. For Magic Essence is important that you feel like at home, with the absolute confidence to find the most appropriate therapy in our services.
the 70% of our customers has come again to repeat the use of our services, clearly reflecting the level of satisfaction.

Our services

We will make him feel better across the best thing that we can do; to take care of our clients. Also massages for couples.

Chinese Massage

Hand massage is a pleasure… even four-handed massage.

Japanese Massage (SHIATSU)

Knee massage; tonic and relaxing.

Thai Massage

Foot massage; relaxing and invigorating.


Show off your beautiful hands for a long time.


Not only we take care of your feet, we also beautify them.


different types of hair removal.

Oriental Massages

Our experience has been developed after thousands of years of training/development....

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Chinese Massage

Hand massage to produce an optimal state of relaxation. Suitable to level the stress. Chinese culture has given us the wisdom for the care of the human body and we put at your disposal.

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Japanese Massage

Shiatsu is performed by giving pressure to some areas of the body, with the knees or through acupressure as an alternative medicine. As it compiles a few traditional Japanese techniques, they have been recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

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Thei Massage

Thai massage is a technique that involves stretching and deep massage. The founder of Thai massage and medicine is said to be Shivago Komarpaj. In Thailand, Thai massage is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine

The medicine can only
The medicine can only
- Chinese Proverb -

Our offers


9€Pedicure express

  • Pedicure express 9€
  • Complete pedicure 20 €
  • Pedicure + feet massage (25 min.) 25€
  • -
  • -
  • -


6€Manicure express

  • Complete manicure 20€
  • gel nails (hands) 31€
  • Filler 25€
  • Feet nails 33€
  • -
  • -


25€All types (30 min.).

  • 30 min. 25€
  • 60 min. 40€
  • 90 min. 65€
  • 9.30 to 14.00 1h. 30€
  • 14.00 to 22.30 1h. 40€
  • -



  • Normal groin 8€
  • All groin 14€
  • Man chest 15€
  • All legs 25€
  • -
  • -
And you, how do you take care? ...
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Very close to the Paseo Matirimo. To 3 minutes walking up for Avenida Argentina.


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